Het prachtige werk van Hasan Kale

I know, you guys have seen so much beautiful art and stuff but this work literally put my breath away. I can’t get around to admire the talent of this gentleman. The turkish artist Hasan Kale paints on everything he finds. The paintings maintain different views of Istanbul. The city he loves, the city I love, the city anyone should love. The speciality of Kale’s work is the size of his art. He paints his art on really really really little object like on a needle, a seed or on butterfly wings. Make sure to take a minute and acknowledge and admire the talent and the patience of this man.




Pictures taken from: This is Colossal 

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5 Bucket List Travel Adventures in Turkije

Hong Kong & Beyond: Bite into the World


Here are some of my top picks for adventures in Turkey. With all the time I have spent in Turkey, these are some of my favorite things to do. Don’t miss these world class destinations! (They are more affordable than you think!)

1. Hot air balloon ride in Kapadokya above the ferry chimneys & stay in a cave.

hot air balloons

kapadokya collage

Kapadokya is a world premier destination for hot air ballooning, and with its incredible landscape, hot air ballooning here is breathtaking. From inspiring the book Dune to George Lucas’ Star Wars, the landscape of Kapadokya leaves you perplexed and intrigued, if not obsessed.

Head to Kapadokya, stay in Goreme in a UNESCO world heritage cave hotel. My mom and I enjoy staying in Anatolia Cave Hotel because it’s affordable, a great place with excellent service, and they also have amazing complimentary breakfast. The breakfast was actually one of the best…

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Hakan Ezer’ s magnificent home office in Istanbul


hakan ezer style

Today, we are visiting a very special 4 floor home office of interior design and decoration master of  Hakan Ezer in Istanbul.  This house is a real showcase of  a designer who has a unique taste of antiques and objects which he sources and collects from all over the world. While rich Turkish history & culture taking a strong place on his interior style, he elegantly mixes all the beautiful objects and elements from different parts of the world.  On his gorgeous home, the french style classic furniture radiates glamour standing next to an exotic oriental ornament. The Turkish kilims looks outstanding on a modern but weathered leather coach. It is also possible to see elegant details of  Barcelona art nouveau in the decoration style of this  old creative and sophisticated Istanbul House. This lists goes on and on. He basically creates some sort of artistic harmony combining contemporary…

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Istanbul 70 – Turkish Psycho-Disco


Istanbul 70 - Turkish Psycho-Disco

You might have seen this fantastic series selling out quick in your local record store. If, like me, you weren’t quite quick or canny enough to grab one of the limited vinyl copies in person, fear not, a CD has been issued and can be got online at the ever-reliable giant sell-everything stores (not plugging any particular one here!). The picture here is of a record sleeve because, honestly, I love the vinyl and always want it, but the CD features a photo of a van on the front.

These are old Turkish nuggets edited and pushed around with the more leftfield 21stC clubs in mind by a digger nut named Baris K who clearly knows what he is doing. From three 12″s there are a variety of tunes which will appeal in different times and places. Personal favorites of mine, for their sheer trippiness, are Derdiyoklar’s “Yaz Gazeteci” which…

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Natalia Mann, İzzet Kızıl, Alper Yılmaz, Korhan Erel at Alt

Korhan Erel

OZL_6133I will be playing a concert of improvised music with Natalia Mann (harp), İzzet Kızıl (percussion) and Alper Yılmaz (electric bass) at Alt, one of Istanbul’s new jazz clubs. The first half of the concert will feature Pasif.ist, Natalia and Izzet’s duo. Alper and I will join them for a set of free improvisation in the second half. The concert is on March 12 and will start at 9.30pm. Alt’s website is horribly out-of-date so please refer to their Facebook page for current information.


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Alyona filming a music video with the help of Alexander Rybak

ESC Webs - Latest Eurovision News

For the last few days, the Belarusian representative Alyona Lanskaya has spent time in Istanbul filming her music video for ‘Solayoh’. A sunny beach in Istanbul was the shooting location and the video is directed by Senol Korkmaz, a Turkish director and producer.

Alyona got help from the 2009 Norwegian Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak who travelled to Istanbul before flying to Lithuania for a short tour.

– “I admire you, you are very talented and beautiful girl,” Rybak praised her. Born in Belarus himself, Rybak wished Alyona best of luck and hopes to see the country in the final.

Videos from the video shootings can be watched below. The release date is not yet confirmed.

SOURCE: Alyona’s Facebook page, Heat.ru

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Sheer reading pleasure: Gorgeous writing, lush detail, and a dollop of magic in a historical novel

Mal Warwick's Blog on Books


A review of The Oracle of Stamboul, by Michael David Lukas

@@@@ (4 out of 5)

If you enjoy reading for its unique possibilities — mellifluous language, vivid imagery,  immersion in places and circumstances you might never experience — then you’ll love this book. From the very first page, The Oracle of Stamboul will draw you relentlessly into the world of the Ottoman Empire in its twilight years of the 1880s. You’ll meet an extraordinary child, Eleanora Cohen, and you’ll be present with her from the violence of her birth in Rumania through her ninth year in Istanbul (then Stamboul) as the unlikeliest of advisers to the Sultan. You’ll revel in the sights and sounds and smells of this fabled imperial capital of two million souls, and you’ll gain a front-row seat on the plotting and scheming in the palace and among the timid revolutionaries who only wish that…

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Wine, Women & Word - A bookclub blog

I picked up this book because it is written by a Nobel laureate and it is based in the interesting city of Istanbul. Orhan Pamuk’s eye for detail and craftsmanship as an author are apparent in the book. museum-of-innocenceHowever, reading through the book is a test of patience. The book is full of banal details and because I am writing a serious review I won’t use the teenage expression ‘so boring’ but that would be an apt reaction.
Kemal beh’s obsessive infatuation for Fusun is what the story is all about. I have consciously used the word infatuation and not love because what Kemal feels for Fusun is simply a one sided obsession for her beauty. True love ought to set one free to achieve whatever one wants to be in life. In the eight years that Kemal keeps visiting Fusun’s home for dinner; neither him nor Fusun is free to lead a life that they so desire.

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